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~simPLe giRL with siMpLe wIsH that LiFE reMaInS siMpLe~sImPLe eNouGh sHe wOnDerZ

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I mostly spree for stuff from Korea.
If I state in my spree that my stuff is from Korea, it will definitely be from Korea (and not stuff that is stated to be from Korea but is actually from Taiwan or China with Korean tags). This means it is shipped from Korea. I do not know for sure if it is made in korea or not, but if I state it is shipped from Korea, it is.

My supplier sprees might be more expensive, especially those that I state is from Korea. I understand if you can find similar stuff at cheaper prices around, please go ahead. For me, I have to include the handling fees, extra surcharges, agents/supplier fee charges for helping me ordered and shipped from Korea to me. But I am comfortable with dealing with those suppliers that I find myself as I do researched and checked them out myself before I will open a spree buying stuff from them.

My packaging when I send the items out are normally if not always in plastic packaging. Most of my spree-ers appreciated and like that fact. This is due to my own personal experience of spreeing from others and having my stuff often if not frequent, coming in broken, filmsy, almost tearing apart envelopes. So with the normal handling fee I charge and collected, I do order bulk plastic packaging from Korea since I know I should be organizing sprees quite frequently.